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Senior Erlang developer with feeling for the front-end (contractor / freelancer)

A team run by Maximonster is currently working on a new major US based social network developed with Erlang, RIAK, RabbitMQ (see below) and other exciting new technologies. It’s an ambitious project and the architecture is equally ambitious (multi-cluster, many connections to other social networks, massive storage etc)

The team is currently three experienced Erlang engineers, a front-end + Erlang developer, a front-end (HTML and design) developer and project management etc.

We're looking for a freelance/contractor developer with experience with this technology stack (or related) but who can also work with the front-end of webapplications. We don't need you to be a front-ender 

About Maximonster

Maximonster Interactive Things has embraced Erlang and is known for MaxClass and Zotonic.
In this project we're a remote team working from several countries so we need you to be an independent worker but also a team player that is willing to help others.  The job is for a freelancer or contractor. We strongly prefer people in our time-zone (Europe, Eastern Europe etc) as it makes it easier together but our client is in the US (East coast).

To react

Sounds good? Send us a mail with your CV and then we’ll look forward to working with you! Please send links to relevant work, Github, live sites etc.

Please contact:

Michiel Klønhammer

Our technology stack:

bullet, cowboy, erlimg, erlydtl, gproc, amqp, lager, gen_smtp, gen_leader, jobs, memcache, lhttpc, mochiweb, poolboy, protobufs, riak core, riak kv, riak search, s3erl, statebox, Knockout



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