About Maximonster

At Maximonster Interactive Things we work on projects for clients and several large scale applications like Zotonic, LearningStone, and MaxClass.

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We're using open source stuff like Erlang, Zotonic, Django, JQuery, Python, JQuery, JSon, PHP, and are developing a lot of new open source technology as we go. We build great user experiences and can deal with extreme performance needs. 

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About the name

Our name is lovingly stolen from the translation of the famous children’s book “Where Wild Things are’  (1963) by Maurice Sendak. In the Dutch and French translation the Wild Things were called Maximonsters and the title became Max and the Maximonsters. 
The book is a great piece of art expressing the fantasy of a little boy who goes on an incredible adventure without leaving his home. In his fantasy he encounters the fierce maximonsters (who actually look kind of friendly). Luckily he returns safely when his mother calls him for dinner. As we think great internet projects are made by young minds, we thought the name suited us well. Or we were just being silly.

Luckily all the books are still in print after all these years. Here are some places you can get them:

English version at Amazon
Dutch Version at Leminscaat
Japanese version on Amazon
(French version appears to be sold out)

There is more!

We are not the only fans of Sedak’s creation. Check these sites out!

Maximonsters all over Pintrest

Wild Things Forts is a funny competition on art blog Booooooom (that's 7 o’s) based on the fact that the little boy in the book makes a Fort to hide in.

Where wild Things are – the movie. Check IMBD out for details.
And the movie has come out on DVD