Maximonster Interactive Things creates and develops platforms and scalable online systems and consults on various areas.

We are the people behind LearningStone MaxClassZotonic and other ambitious projects.
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Scrum, project management, functional design, business development and consultancy based on experience with complex internet projects for educational, academic governmental and commercial clients. Maximonster offers a down-to-earth approach based on the belief that things should be kept simple.


Maximonster technology is focused on radically scalable, low-cost but beautiful technology for applications, social environments and
e-learning.  For server applications we use Erlang, are one of the main sponsors of  Zotonic and other open source development tools to develop social media, radically scalable systems, websites and more. 

A few projects


Thanks to our wonderful network of talented developers and consultants, we provide staffing of contractors or recruitment services. For development we are focused on Erlang developers but can also help with front-end, mobile and other developers all over the world. 



1. LearningStone has released a new forms application. Check out our blog!

2. Did you know we are sending nearly half a million mails per month? Ask us how we do that!